Heath's intense gaze

action, comedy

A Knight’s Tale (2001)

For its twenty year anniversary, Dave, Marcus and Colin indulge in the unexpectedly great anachronisms of the Heath Ledger medieval “sports movie,” A Knight’s Tale. Meanwhile, Marcus is convinced he’s watching a high school rom-com. Hilarity ensues.


Casino Royale (2006)

Dave, Marcus and Colin discuss Daniel Craig’s first time playing 007, leading to fun discussion on all things Bond (you never forget your first Bond). Also discussed, poker odds, cocktail recipes, and the effectiveness of testicular torture.


300 (2007)

Colin and Dave continue their Zack Snyder movie journey and discuss his first feature film. Colin attempts to help Dave with his pronunciations (and fails) and also expresses admiration for mutant executioners and Xerxes’s orgy game.


Rango (2011)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin mosey on over to the Mojave desert with Gore Verbinski’s animated western Rango. Colin is not really a fan of animated movies, will this zany lizard tale win him over?

action, drama

Crimson Tide (1995)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin dive deep into Crimson Tide. Amazing performances by Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, and plenty of blue lights, rain, and sweat you know it’s a Tony Scott movie. Set conditions 1SQ and take us to launch depth!


Skyscraper (2018)

Dave takes an insane angle on the Rawson Marshall Thurber directed action spectacle, and Colin and Marcus totally disagree. The Rock is literally cooking in this Die Hard / Towering Inferno mashup.


L.A. Confidential (1997)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin marvel at the amazing cast–and try to unpack the smart, complex plot–of director Curtis Hanson’s and co-screenwriter Brian Helgeland’s 1997 modern film noir classic, L.A. Confidential. Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush!

action, sci-fi

Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day (1996) Dave, Marcus, and Colin discuss the @rolandemmerich directed, B movie classic and watch stuff get blow’d up real good. All three marvel at the realistic approach to science, but Colin hates Russell’s kids.


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dave and Colin continue their quest to discuss every Zack Snyder film, (apparently) while offering thoughts on proper tram operation, nuclear propane bombs and the fun of post-apocalyptic shopping sprees.


28 Days Later (2002)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin discuss the chilling post-apocalyptic film 28 Days Later, written by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle. A gripping story and artistically shot movie, thankfully our real global pandemic is nothing like this terrifying scenario: fast infected zombies!


Gladiator (2000)

Dave, Colin, and Marcus discuss the Ridley Scott directed spectacle – incredibly entertaining yet historically inaccurate. If you listen, we hope YOU ARE ENTERTAINED!!!! But, we’d settle for mild amusement

action, sci-fi

Dredd (2012)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin travel to Mega City One to hit the Slo-Mo and heap praise on the Karl Urban-led, ultraviolent, and very fun re-imagining of the comic “Judge Dredd.” And when he says he is the law… he really means it.


Natural Born Killers (1994)

Dave, Marcus, and Colin disagree if Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers is a masterpiece or a piece of sh**! Listen to our lively discussion trying to figure out just what is going on in the movie. The one thing we all love is Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Wayne Gale!


Falling Down (1993)

Dave, Marcus and Colin contemplate the confusion which results from watching this 1993 film in 2021. Can it be reinterpreted today? When being stalked by a crazy person, should you stop for a hot dog?