Die Hard (1988)

Reel DMC
Reel DMC
Die Hard (1988)

The guy from Moonlighting in an action film?! I don’t think that is going to be any good.


  1. Nick

    Hi guys my name’s Nick and a while back I stumbled across a movie I had never heard of, it completely blew me away and so ever since I’ve been desperately trying to convince everyone across movie fandom to give it a shot and hopefully drag out of complete obscurity. The movies called ‘The Beast of War’ aka ‘The Beast’ from 1988, Directed by Kevin reynolds staring George dzundza – Jason Patric and Steven bauer, it was only released in two screens across the whole of the U.S. By columbia pictures, and I kid you not when I say this is the best Hollywood film you’ve never heard of. Quentin tarantino’s old writing partner Roger avery has it down as the best movie of 1988 on letterboxd, and he also has it down as one of his 20 desert island films with ‘Apocalypse now’ being the only other war film. The film has a rating of 7.3 on imdb, 3.5 on letterboxd, but not a single critics review on rottentomatoes, but it does have an audience score of 84%. A couple podcasts that have reviewed it (and favourably) ‘war horse vs war machine’ and ‘the retro movie geeks podcast’, the latter on the basis of my recommendation. I continue to pester criterion to do something to save this movie from continual obscurity – but I no longer get anything back from them… Oh well. Please seek this film out, it’s available on dvd and streaming, so it won’t be difficult to track down and if you do see it let me know if you agree with me that this might be one of the 10 best american movies of the 1980s, one way or another we need to find a way to raise this movies profile and prevent it from continual obscurity once and for all. Just check out the trailer. Thank you.


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      Dave Harris

      Hi Nick, thanks for your note! One of the podcasts we do is called our “Year in Review.” We go through the movies of the year and nominate films in different categories. One of our categories is “hidden gems,” movies we like but for whatever reason we think people probably haven’t seen it. My selection for our 1988 YIR was actually The Beast! I am a big fan of the movie, and the production history behind the film is truly fascinating. Nobody seems to know about it, glad to connect with another fan of the film. It starts around 58:30 – enjoy! https://reeldmc.com/podcast/year-in-review-1988/

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