The Verdict (1982)

Reel DMC
Reel DMC
The Verdict (1982)

Each Year in Review podcast we give ourselves a homework assignment to watch a movie we are all interested in but missed. For the 1982 Year in Review, we decided to watch Sydney Lumet’s The Verdict with a stellar performance by Paul Newman.


  1. Steve Scalici

    You folks missed a key point: Newman gets the idea to check Nurse Rooney’s mailbox because HE got his telephone bill that same day and figured this nurse would get hers the same day. That’s no 1-in-a-million chance…it’s brilliant logic on a lawyer’s part.

    And Laura wasn’t punched, she was slapped.

    • Steve Scalici

      And the bar on Madison Avenue at 38th Street in NYC where Laura is slapped had a restaurant in the rear…I ate there in 1980 (2 years before the movie) and had veal piccata…it was great. That hotel was razed and rebuilt as a residential tower.

      [Newman lost the Oscar to Ben Kingsley as Ghandi. That oversight bugs me to this day bc this was Newman’s best performance of his career.]

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        Marcus K.

        I totally agree, Paul Newman was so great in the movie. We just were discussing him in The Color of Money during our 1986 Top 4 podcast. He was at his best!

        Thanks for listening! 👍

    • Dave Harris

      Thanks Steve! I thought the phone bill was mightily convenient at the time – at the time it seemed like a leap.

      Thanks for listening!

  2. Steve Scalici

    My favorite line was when Jack Warden is questioning Joe Seneca in a practice session…”St. Mary’s Women’s College for Medicine…what is that, a joke or something?”

    For me, the partial crescent window in his office is either emblematic of his life setting sun in the movie’s beginning or at the end, a rising sun with his court victory.

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