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Tremors (1990)

Dave, Marcus and Colin discuss one of the last great big budget creature features. It’s Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward vs. giant underground monsters…just stay out of Burt Gummer’s rec room unless you’re formally invited – he does not take well to trespassers.


Flatliners (1990)

Some lines shouldn’t be crossed….and some movies probably shouldn’t have been made. Dave, Colin, and Jamie discuss Joel Schumacher’s 1990’s FLATLINERS – reds and blues, steam, and some great Kevin Bacon hair.


Lockdown Cinema #1 – Tremors (1990)

The first in an ongoing series of film conversations where I track my daughter’s reaction after she’s been introduced to one of my favorite movies. What’s the movie about? It’s a slow-burn contemplation on the risks/rewards of choosing to isolate oneself away from broader society….and then some giant worm creatures show up and start eating […]