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1986 Movies

Our #1 Movies of 1986

So many great movies in 1986, it took us three podcasts to finally get to our favorite movies. We take the day off, get into some big trouble, and ride an express elevator to hell. Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!

1986 Movies

Our Top Five: 1986

Our top movies for 1986, or 80% of our top movies. We went a little long and split our top 5 into two. First up, our #2 to #5 including a double dose of Tom Cruise, the weirdness of David Lynch and a Scottish man playing an Egyptian Spaniard and a Frenchman playing a Scottish […]

Our Top Five: 1985

A blockbuster year in movies, difficult choices to make between an iconic western, a time traveling teenager, and so much angst-filled teenagers. Give a listen to hear our favorites!

Our Top Five: 1984

No time for love Dr. Jones, don’t fall for a banana in your tail pipe, it is time for our top five movies of 1984! We’ll join the French resistance and travel from Arrakis to Texas.