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Year in Review: 1989

It’s 1989, seize the day by grabbing a drink at the Double Deuce. Just make sure you do the right thing by making a last crusade to Stanley Spudowski’s clubhouse. Wild thing, you make my heart sing…..

Year in Review: 1988

We’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… it’s 1988 and we’re reviewing the top movies of the year. Listen to our guilty pleasures and find some hidden gems.

Year in Review: 1987

Greed was good in 1987, but does it hold up. We discuss the Three Men and a Baby ghost, Colin’s dislike of Fatal Attraction, and teenage vampire angst. Thou shall not fear… our 1987 year in review because nobody puts baby in the corner.

1986 Movies

Year in Review: 1986

It’s 1986, and we feel the need… the need for speed! It’s time to go back to school, because if you’re the disease, then we’ve got the cure! This is the one with the whales.

Year in Review: 1985

Great scott! It’s 1985! Don’t be a neo-maxi zoom dweebie and get your 1.21 gigawatts! It’s time for another Reel DMC podcast, it’s all ball-bearings these days.

Year in Review: 1981

The Reel DMC podcast takes a look back at 1981 — the year of a swashbuckling archaeologist, New York is a prison state, Bill Murray joins the army, and werewolves, lots of werewolves.